Monday, October 19, 2009

restock and recover

Man. Christmas is really inching closer and I have to do something otherwise I will miss out again on all of the etsy traffic I could have seen last year. Its funny how I can sell certain items at certain venues. Strange Folk cleared out all of my small items like headbands and magnets, the only thing I can move on my etsy are guitar straps, the shop in Carbondale is only interested in purses, and I do the occasional custom necklace for a certain individual. I really am blessed to have such a wide range of stuff to offer. The varitey does make me happy too. When I do the same type of item over and over everything gets mechanical. So this weekend was all about guitar straps... Sorry for all of the skulls. I need more ideas of what guitar playing guys will wear. It is so hard to find manly prints out there.
I also finished the first of the group of hippie style bags I plan to bring out to the shop in Carbondale. As always the zipper was a little fussy and the applique' placement is a little high, but whatever. It looks fine in the end. I really do like the size... I bet I could fit a book and a knitting project in there along with all of my purse stuff. I did list this one on etsy.
I plan to list more of this type as I make them. It will be kind of an experiment to see if any of them sell before I take them to the shop for consignment. I will figure out this etsy thing one of these days. Sure.

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