Monday, June 23, 2008

Stars are Bullets

Oh I forgot to mention... another reason why I haven't posted in a while. My husband convinced me to start practicing with his band Stars are Bullets. I learned how to play bass guitar about seven years ago for another one of his bands called Blue Collar Crime (later to be known as Camino). Here is the myspace. Check us out if you are into indie, low fi, straight ahead rock, or me. I had my first show with them on the seventeenth of this month. It went just fine, but we were definitely lacking in audience. We are playing again at the Red Sea on Delmar in St. Louis this Friday (6/27/08).

Ugh I haven't posted anything in a while.

Here is a bunch of the projects I have been working on. Projects making me too busy to post blog entries.These are for Brit at work. She digs all things palm trees. She also wanted me to make this teeny tiny zipper pouch for her mp3 player.

This one was also for her... what a girl. She wanted something for her mother who is a police officer (and gun lover). Brit saw one of these I made earlier and thought it would be perfect.
I made a tutorial with this guy. Paste this into your browser and take a look.
It was practically painful to churn this one out, but I think a lot of people might actually try to make this one.
Here is a Chinese inspired messenger based off the tutorial I wrote for this one^^^

Alexander Henry designed the lining fabric. I have yet to see fabric cooler than his.