Friday, November 16, 2007

poor scottie

Here's a tribute to my poor middle child cat. Scottie gets picked on by the Dinah (the oldest) and the Gypsy (the little twerp). She is bigger than both of them and she could take either of them. She is just too sweet to hurt anyone.

applique clutches

I made these at the last minute before the craft fair. None of them sold, but I still like em. I continued on with the same feel as the square pouches I made earlier. I think these are a more practical shape. Yup. I dig the embellishment on the frog pouch. I don't usually go crazy with the beads and sequins. That's probably part of my problem.

super warm winter set

Here is a custom order left over from the O'fallon craft fair. I made each piece with a combination of three strands of yarn. I used a pillowy black yarn, a red worsted weight, and a ribbon type yarn. Everything turned out so dense. It will be great out in the snow.


Yesterday, four years ago, Joe and I got married. Honeymoon over? Nah.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

some good news.

The O'Fallon craft fair was insane. I had no idea it was so BIG. Someone bought the shawl I have posted above. People were actually going for the higher priced items and matching sets. I kicked butt with my mittens. I really wish I had more of those made up in advance. People really dug my knit and crocheted stuff. Not a single one of my purses sold and bums me out for a split second until I think about how well I did over all. This event really helped in my decision to keep up the making and selling of my stuff. This was the best one so far and it is only the beginning. The vendors around our booth were absolutely wonderful. They were all so encouraging. I'm one happy kid.

seriously up to something

This stinker likes to attack my feet when I'm working at my sewing machine. She's cute but little teeth feel like needles. On the bright side, she is starting to get along with the other two. She just looks so devious in this pic.