Monday, October 19, 2009

restock and recover

Man. Christmas is really inching closer and I have to do something otherwise I will miss out again on all of the etsy traffic I could have seen last year. Its funny how I can sell certain items at certain venues. Strange Folk cleared out all of my small items like headbands and magnets, the only thing I can move on my etsy are guitar straps, the shop in Carbondale is only interested in purses, and I do the occasional custom necklace for a certain individual. I really am blessed to have such a wide range of stuff to offer. The varitey does make me happy too. When I do the same type of item over and over everything gets mechanical. So this weekend was all about guitar straps... Sorry for all of the skulls. I need more ideas of what guitar playing guys will wear. It is so hard to find manly prints out there.
I also finished the first of the group of hippie style bags I plan to bring out to the shop in Carbondale. As always the zipper was a little fussy and the applique' placement is a little high, but whatever. It looks fine in the end. I really do like the size... I bet I could fit a book and a knitting project in there along with all of my purse stuff. I did list this one on etsy.
I plan to list more of this type as I make them. It will be kind of an experiment to see if any of them sell before I take them to the shop for consignment. I will figure out this etsy thing one of these days. Sure.

Monday, October 5, 2009

done deal

Here I am at the end of our very brief craft show season. Amy and I are pleased with our decision to leave the high school indoor craft shows behind. From now on we are in the search of independent artists events. It is coming more and more apparent that we were involved with the wrong creative venues. We were involved with the ever growing Strange Folk festival in O'Fallon.
I was really busy all weekend, but did catch a few snaps of our booth...

Amy's stuff!!If I have an other couple of shows like this one, I could quit my day job. It was just brilliant! People spend money at this show. It just blows my mind!

In the middle of the week, Joe and I caught a show at the pageant. We saw Built to Spill which is the best band you have never heard of. We had a great night with some fender strat sounds and some redbull n rum. Happy girl right here. (Unfortunately, I didn't take this pic and I'm sure it wasn't even at St.Louis, but somebody somewhere got a really good shot!)
This past weekend Amy and I set up the booth again at the Lebanon Fall Festival. If I remember correctly, this year was the fourth time we have done this one together. Its a bummer but I didn't get any pics. Just imagine the above pictures only all squished down from lack of inventory. Even so, I made more sales this year than any other despite the really cold weather and my sudden lack of inventory. Score. My only question is what to do now that the season is over. I guess I'll start on the Christmas madness. People are bugging me already about custom orders for Christmas presents. Wish me luck!