Saturday, March 29, 2008

new head #2

This time she's realistic and scary. Don't worry. I really don't have a problem with having a disembodied head in my closet. She's gorgeous. I even have a way to take photos of my headbands that went over so well at the last show. See, this is how you wear one of these.

Here is the only other way I could take pictures of them. It makes you wonder... what are they? Then I say "headbands duh". Then you walk away from my table and think I'm a jerk. I can't lose sales for being a jerk. I know better.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

my new fav

I made one just like this one a few posts ago, but I have decided that it was a decent enough shape to replicate. I really love how much I can fit into this little thing. It sits really close to the body so I don't get all paranoid that someone is going to steal it from me. This one is also special because it is my first finished thingie since the craft fair. I took a week and a half break from my sewing machine. We each needed some alone time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I think I'll keep doing craft fairs because of the feeling I get when they are over.

Ahhh. I'm finally post craft fair. This has been the smoothest event so far. I had no major catastrophes. Finding my spot and setup was easy. We had plenty of room. My stuff looked great. I got some awesome compliments and actually made some bucks. I guess you could say it was on the slow side, but I have no frame of reference for this one. I'm just glad to get the stuff out in public. I'm not one for talking up my wears when I'm just out and about. I absolutely hate the sales part of this beast of a hobby. I just really like to make stuff at home. I'll suck it up if it means someday not having to get up and drive to the bank every morning. So anyway this time I actually have pics of my booth!