Sunday, July 5, 2009

ZOMG huge post!!!

So how long has it been?? Like, what over a month at least. Since I have been really preoccupied with this huge remodeling project happening in my kitchen, I have been really uninspired in every other part of my life. I promise the next post will show kitchen progress shots... I just have to take them first. My husband has been kicking ass in there. Today he is tearing out the baseboards behind the dishwasher and fridge so everything can sit closer to the wall. He found some loose plaster back there and he went on to fix that too. What a man!

So anyway I have a lot of stuff I make and actually take the time to photograph, but never makes it to the blog. I guess I'm too lazy to write about it. A lot of this stuff was made up around the time of the spring craft fair at Triad High School.

I made a big bad ton of these crocheted hats. I picked out some cool spring colors and went to town on them. I can get one done in about two hours. Kinda basic... kinda mod.
I also came up with this sweet hippy style sling bag based off of this one.

I did modify this one a little besides the corduroy patchwork. The base is squared off so you can stuff even more goodies in here. Check out the sweet little string hanging off the left corner. I totally missed that one.

Here is a pair of fingerless mitts I knit up from some of the yarn that I kool-aid dyed. So sweet and bright! I love em.

and once again that darn cat has made it into another pic on the blog. Here is Gypsy just before she dumped over that tin full of seed beads. Stinker.