Wednesday, May 7, 2008

scraps and squares

I went through a lot of my stuff this past week. I tend to hoard little bits and scraps in hopes of someday churning out beautiful quilts that remind me of all of the little projects I made from all of this fabric. Since I only have the patience for one - two day projects and I am the bag making fanatic, I came up with this messenger bag. I am going to try to sell it next weekend at the craft show in Highland. I do have secret plans for this one if no one has the same love for it. It just might be mine. I have been taking more and more process pics so I am going to bore you with the details.
Small bits...

made into bigger bits...
into bigger bits...
made into resting place for Scottie...
and then wrestled away to finish this bag.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

on a roll

I spent last weekend putting together another bag tutorial for craftster. I've learned so much from the folks on that board. Giving back makes me feel good and the forty some odd replies were quite the ego booster. Here's the link.

Here are a few of the key pics.

Dinah even got some face time in this one.

I couldn't pose her like this if I wanted to. This was all her.