Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day

My Valentine's gift to Joe turned out so cute that I decided to post it. Think of me next Valentines when you are stumped on what to get your impossible to buy for musician boyfriend. There are links to my etsy shop full of guitar straps on the right side of the screen.

Love a good long weekend

Take a peek at how I am turning these pendants into necklaces. I just have a single strand of seed beads with a handful of medium sized beads to chunk it up.

Here is a really fast moving drop stitch scarf I am making for someone at my church. I started it last night and I think I will finish it today. Nice.

I am going to tease a little with this one. I am starting a project for my living room. (It's not a quilt!) You'll see.

sewing machine is still running

Thursday, February 4, 2010

looking for fuzzy feelings

Winter has made me especially crabby lately. I had a huge urge to make something completely different... Different mediums, different skills, different motives. I came up with some pendants made from Rummikub tiles that Anna picked up at a yard sale. I went through some old magazines and cut tiny little pieces of everything I found remotely interesting. I arranged these bits and decoupaged them to the backs of the tiles. I let them dry over night and then sealed them with diamond glaze. I plan to glue some kind of metal loop to the back so I can string them up.