Tuesday, April 7, 2009

well loved and spoiled rotten

I can't believe it!! Joe bought me a Blythe for my birthday. She actually has dark curly hair and everything. He hid the package so I would open it last. I tackled him when I opened it. It has probably been twenty years since I even wanted a doll for my birthday. What a great man to listen to my juvenile ramblings about how I want one of those super rare dolls that were made in the 70's and totally tanked because they are creepy looking, but they have these awesome eyes that change color when you pull a string on the back of their heads and would cost at least 90 bucks for a repro off of ebay because they are not sold in stores anymore. Gorgeous. I think I'll name her Scarlett. Here is a little awesome blythe history...

Saturday morning dye fest

I was off this past Saturday (a rare occasion) and I got out of bed before 9 (an even rarer occasion for a free Saturday). The whole dying process takes about four hours for me.... I know I know I must have OCD with all of the soaking and applying dye and mopping my mess over and over. Why do you put yourself through it all??? I have no answer. Here are a couple of pics of the process. I painted up some commercial yarn and some roving. I'll have finished photos when I go out and get some batteries.
Here is painted green to pink sock yarn with way to many cups. Every time I experimented with mixing a new color it just ended up looking like burgundy. I think about five of those cups are some shade of burgundy.
You gotta steam the stuff to hold the color. Big pot.