Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday morning dye fest

I was off this past Saturday (a rare occasion) and I got out of bed before 9 (an even rarer occasion for a free Saturday). The whole dying process takes about four hours for me.... I know I know I must have OCD with all of the soaking and applying dye and mopping my mess over and over. Why do you put yourself through it all??? I have no answer. Here are a couple of pics of the process. I painted up some commercial yarn and some roving. I'll have finished photos when I go out and get some batteries.
Here is painted green to pink sock yarn with way to many cups. Every time I experimented with mixing a new color it just ended up looking like burgundy. I think about five of those cups are some shade of burgundy.
You gotta steam the stuff to hold the color. Big pot.

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