Wednesday, August 20, 2008

such a lazy blogger

I'm averaging about one post a month these days. What a crappy deal. I do have some stuff keeping glued to the real world instead the internet one. I have a craft festival coming up at the end of next month. I am beginning to cram for that one. My new fall product is going to be guitar straps. I'm waiting on the postman to bring me supplies for those.

I must have lost my mind, because I have changed my diet completely. I am now a (gulp) vegetarian. I have not had any meat (or anything else unhealthy) in the last four weeks. I was hoping to lose some weight along with this. I'm down about 8 pounds, but not as drastic as I had hoped for. I guess it is true that you have to exercise to lose weight. Today I made veggie pizza with whole wheat crust. I must be nuts. It was really pretty good.

Here is a big fat bunch of stuff I made (mostly finished up today).