Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Patchy baby blanket

So sorry blog, but pregnancy plus my job at the bank really took over my life for the last six months. It took everything out of me to just get through the normal stuff- everything creative went to the wayside. Since the end of my day job is inching closer (my last day is September 7th), I am feeling anxious about everything, mostly about money but that is totally human. Single income marriages are hard to come by these days. I was able to restock the etsy shop in hopes of bring in a little and show the husband that I do care about our finances. I finally have enough energy to work on some things for the Strangefolk festival booth.

I was also able to finish a major large scale baby-related project. Unfortunately, this one is not for my baby. I made a scrap quilt for a friend at my church who had a little girl about a month ago.

This one was my first attempt at real machine quilting. I think I did alright despite some bunching and pleating on the back. If anyone has some tips on preventing that stuff, let me know.

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