Monday, July 9, 2007

Hi. This is my first attempt at a starting a blog. I'm using this primarily as a show and tell of the stuff I make. I am quite the craft geek. I blame my husband for sparking my obsession. We were out shopping one day and I spotted this camouflage book cover. I showed it to him hoping he would jump in and buy it for me. "But Steph. You can MAKE that." Make that. I did make that. Book covers and then messenger bags. Purses, patchwork, beading, crochet, knitting, I know there is more not coming to mind at the moment. I hoard the stuff too. I have fabric, beads and yarn stashed everywhere in my house.

So here is my first post... I hope that I can grow in skill and have more to show you soon. I have been messing around with machine applique for a couple of years. Here is my sacred heart. It's my first attempt at piping around the edges. I am quite proud.

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